Daftar Asfar Receives Fulcrum Fund

In August 2018, Daftar Asfar was awarded The Fulcrum Fund, an annual grant program, now in its fourth year, created and administered by 516 ARTS as a partner in the Regional Regranting Program of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. This award provides grants to artists in support of the continued development and generation of meaningful projects that promote shared experiences and inspire community engagement, creative inspiration, and dialogue.

This opportunity gave Daftar Asfar the critical support we needed in order to branch out into a new region, and to connect with a community of artists in New Mexico. The grant itself seeks to lend artists the opportunity to expand upon current projects or explore new ideas, and aims to be a point of departure for creative movements that are both experiential and dynamic, while also creating a space to celebrate art that doesn’t necessarily fit into conventional gallery or art institutions.

For the sake of continuity, Daftar Asfar was hand-bound in Jordan and shipped to New Mexico. The curation process –– which is managed physically on the ground by Lena with the assistance of both Nahla and Sarah –– began to snowball, as each artist who participated in the New Mexico Daftar suggests a friend or artist they admire or hope to work with in the community.

The New Mexico edition is now on its 17th artist, and is continuing to be passed around the New Mexican art community. The end of this edition will culminate in an event that celebrates all the collaborations, and aims to unite all the artists to talk about their experiences with Daftar, while also bringing the conversation about collaborative art-making to the forefront.

To see more of the work from the New Mexico edition, please visit our Instagram @daftarasfar.

Daftar Asfar